West Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce - Buena Park - La Palma - Stanton, California

The following items are available for purchase from the West Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Please call or e-mail Christine for more information.

Item Member / Resident Non-Member / Non-Resident
Membership Roster
(includes phone numbers)
FREE $30.00
Certificates of Origin FREE
(does not apply to residents)
$35.00 if located in Buena Park
$60.00 if outside of Buena Park
Chamber Membership
Mailing Labels
$35.00 $70.00
Chamber Membership List
(e-mailed in Excel format)
FREE $75.00
Blast E-mailing to Chamber Members $25.00
(per flyer)
(per flyer)

Normal hours of service are: Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The offices are subject to occasional closure for special off-site meetings and events.